About Us

Philip Koopman, Managing Partner, BicyclePASS, Bicycle Systems Development and Deployment
Koopman has more than 30 years experience in retail bicycle operations, working with municipal bicycle programs and contracts, working with manufacturers to develop urban-appropriate bicycles, in retail business consulting, and in bicycling education and advocacy. Koopman will be the lead overall, and overseer of the development, installation, and deployment of the sharing stations, and bicycles, and the setting up of the repair depot.

Elliot Gluskin: Partner, Strategic Business Development, Customer Research, and Industry Consulting
Elliot is a professional researcher dealing with market and demographic trends on national, regional, and community levels. With nearly 30-years experience, Elliot’s background includes research management positions with leading magazine publishers such as Rodale Inc., Meredith, Playboy Enterprises, and McCall’s Publishing Company. At Rodale, Elliot held the position of Research Director, Rodale Cycling Group which involved leading advertising, editorial, and online research strategies and initiatives for Bicycling Magazine, Mountain Bike Magazine, their respective web sites, and consumer events. While at Rodale, he was the co-author and project manager for the “Cycling Consumer of the New Millennium” study conducted in 2000-2001 which today stands as the leading study on the U.S. bicycling consumer

Erik Kugler, Partner
Erik is a Certified Public Accountant who was formerly the director of finance for City Bikes Inc., and financial consultant to the first P-2 Group (also known as a 20-Group) founded by the National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA). Erik has over 15-years of hands-on experience in the bicycle business.

Ken Fagut, Partner, Product Development and Manufacturing
With 30+ years experience in the bicycle industry as a retailer, advocate, supply-side sales, and association executive, Ken has a broad and extensive knowledge of what works and what doesn't in making a product and brand successful. While working for the YaYa! Bicycle Cooperative, Ken developed programs that drove both supplier and retailer growth. Currently the National Sales Director for Areaware Transport, a bicycle manufacturer, he is developing innovative programs that are driving successful product introductions. He also sits on the board of the New York Bicycle Coalition where his advocacy experience is playing a valuable role in positioning bicycle riding as a transportation choice in the Central New York region.

Richard Layman: Partner, Director of Business Development and Community Engagement
Layman has 20 years experience in community organizations, nonprofits, community organizing, advocacy, and 10 years experience in urban revitalization and transportation planning. Layman oversees development of marketing and community building aspects and other community goals and objectives concerning revitalization and improvement. Having recently served as a bicycle planner in Baltimore County, Maryland, Layman will also be involved in management of right of way related construction.