Who We Are

BicyclePASS - Parking And Sharing Solutions is your one-stop destination for leading edge products, services, and consulting on making your space environmentally and health friendly as well as more livable overall. With over 100 years experience in the bicycle industry - with advocacy, retail, supplier, and media - our team is ready to help you enhance your space with high quality products and services. Please click here for a brief bio of our team.

Our Mission:

  • To elevate bicycle parking and sharing to its full potential within a community's formal transportation plans
  • Provide consulting and products that inspire current and new cyclists alike to choose riding a bicycle as their preferred method of travel
  • Advocate for accommodating at least a 15% bicycle mode share in planning/development

Our Approach:

  • We recognize:
    • Existing plans already account for and capture the bulk of existing bicycle riding enthusiasts who ride their bikes for transportation, health, and environmental reasons
    • True growth and benefits are realized when bicycle usage is increased among two key population segments:
      • Bicycle riders who don't ride due to concerns about personal safety and the security of their bicycles
      • Non-bicycle riders who do not see the advantages of riding a bicycle short distances to places of work and other local destinations
  • We focus on:
    • Encouraging non-cyclists to ride bicycles
    • Making the experience both bike and rider friendly
    • Reinforcing a positive experience by:
      • Providing protected, enclosed, secure parking
      • Providing ease of access to the bicycle
      • Making bicycle parking space efficient
    • Solutions that leverage investments in transit and other existing bike infrastructure